How to Aim And Fire a Rifle

Aiming and firing a rifle is a simple task performed with some simple steps. However, rifles are not toys and should be handled with great care. It is strongly recommended that only people who have experience with weapons should use the rifle. Remember that aiming is a vital part of using any firearm. If you do not know how to aim, you will not be able to fire your target. Aiming will also increase your control over the rifle.

Things Required:

– A rifle
– Ammunition
– In case you have weak or poor eyesight, you need to use a scope


  • 1

    Point your rifle down

    First thing you need to do is to point your rifle down. This is for safety purpose. Even if you know that your rifle is not loaded, you need to point it down as misfire can occur.

  • 2

    Placement of hands

    Now you need to place your dominant hand on the grip of the gun. Then place your other hand down the barrel. Both hands should be at comfortable distance apart from each other. Place the bottom of the gun on your shoulders. Remember that it should be placed comfortably on the shoulders. By doing this, you can aim and fire more comfortably. This will also provide stability to the rifle and will stop the recoil from upsetting the shot.

  • 3

    Load the rifle

    Next you need to load the rifle. You need to point the rifle down at this time. Turn on the safety in case your rifle has this feature. Then you need to load the bullets in the area allocated for it in your rifle. Lock it into the chamber in the end.

  • 4

    Aim the rifle

    After loading the rifle, you need to aim it. In case your rifle has a scope, you need to place the cross hairs into your target. In case there is no scope, you need to set the sights on your target. The sights must be located on the end of the barrel. In order to focus perfectly, you need to open your dominant eye and close the other one.

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    Now you can fire the rifle at your aimed target. In case you have put on safety, remove it before firing your target.

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