How to Store and Handle Photographic Chemicals

You have to be very safe in storing or handling any photographic chemicals at your picture studio. There are various risks that can come your way so try to take the measures beforehand. You must always keep the chemicals in a ventilated room where there is no light. The chemicals should be covered at all times and never leave the cap of a container open after you do your work.

Carefully label the containers to avoid any confusion and try to avoid eating, drinking or smoking in the place where you process the pictures. It is also important to take necessary measures before you start.


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    Keep chemicals in a ventilated room

    You must keep your chemicals in a ventilated room at all times and open the room only when you need to process photographs. Make sure you have an exhaust fan in the room so that the chemical vapours do not stay in the room. There must also be no light in the room as that might damage the photographs.

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    Keep the chemicals covered at all times

    It is very important to keep the chemicals covered at all times. Keep the caps of the chemicals firmly closed so that there is no loss of liquid. The containers should unbreakable and must be made of either metal or plastic. Try to avoid glass containers as there is high risk of breaking the bottles.

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    Label the containers

    Make sure you label the containers with the right name otherwise you may use some other liquid for another purpose. This may also damage the work you are doing so do not take the risk.

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    Never smoke or eat in the room

    Always avoid smoking or eating in the room where there are photographic chemicals. Some of the chemicals may be poisonous and can be a great risk for your health. This is also the main reason you should avoid containers that resemble bottles of milk or juice at your house because you can accidently drink them.

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    Take precautionary measures

    Always take precautionary measures before you start your work. It is extremely important to wear clothes that you have specifically bought for this purpose as some of the stains are not removable.

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