How to Make a Homemade Barbecue Smoker

Either a picnic or an outdoor party, the fun remains incomplete without barbecue. Smoking meat along with drinks in the backyard of your house, partying with friends and family, who will miss out such fun? An upright smoker or a grill-smoker becomes necessary for barbecue and you know this piece of equipment is expensive to buy. You can save all those bucks be devising your own barbecue smoker at home. You can use a kettle-style charcoal grill and a bag of lump charcoal or hardwood smoking chips to make your own smoker.


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    First of all you need to prepare the meat a day before you plan for the barbecue. Coat the meat with a dry rub and then wrap it up with plastic before placing it into the refrigerator. Give ample time for meat to marinate and let the seasoning fully absorbed into it overnight.

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    Put the hardwood smoking chips in a large bowl or a bucket and pour water, covering them up fully. You have to soak the chips under water for at least one hour before beginning the barbecue.

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    Now begin with the actual process and remove the cooking grate from your kettle-style barbecue grill and put four to five handfuls of charcoal lumps on one side of it. Make sure to open up all the vents fully wide before loading the grill with charcoal.

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    Take an electric starter and bury it under the heap of coals before plugging the device. Let the electric starter underneath the heap of charcoal for at least eight minutes until smoke starts to rise and the coal begins to crackle.

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    The job of the electric starter is done and you should unplug it now. The other side of the grill bottom is free of charcoal and you have to put the drip pan over there. Don’t forget to add a couple of cups of water to the pan.

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    Put on the lid of the barbecue grill, letting the coals to thoroughly catch fire. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to do so.

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    Take some soaked wood chips in your hand, open up the lid of the grill and through them onto the burning coals. This will produce smoke.

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    Put the cooking grate back in its place and put meat on the side of the grill, right over the drip pan. Make sure to keep the meat away from the heat source before closing the lid.

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    You can use the vents of the grill to adjust the temperature between 200 to 250 degrees celcius.

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    Keep adding fresh coal to the grill after every hour and few soaked wood chips every 30 minutes until you have cooked all the meat.

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