How to Turn a Smoke Detector Off

In most countries around the world that have implemented strict fire safety rules and regulations, it is necessary and bound by law to have proper working smoke detectors on every floor and in the main areas of a house and business. Without smoke detectors, the risk of fire increases manifold along with the fact that there would be no detection method involved to inform fire fighters and the people in the area.

Smoke detectors, when in need of repair or any sort of replacement, should only than be shut off and not for any cause without probable reason. Doing so puts everyone in the area in risk of being caught in a fire without being altered as soon as it broke out.


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    Learn About Smoke Detectors

    Due to various technological advances, smoke detectors are not such simple devices as they once used to be. Now, smoke detectors come with a number of features such as being failsafe along with battery operation coming into play if there is any sort of power outage. They are able to tolerate a lot of heat generated from any fire now due to the quality of material used to manufacture them, which is why only skilled professionals should be dealing with them in order to avoid any undesired effects in the future when the time of need comes.

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    Locate the Smoke Detector

    With various sorts of smoke detectors available now, the typical one found in houses and offices has not changed so much. It is usually a round plastic disk that will be six inches or smaller in diameter. Once you have located the smoke detector, now you can go ahead with trying to turn it off.

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    Remove the Smoke Detector

    Smoke detectors are not fixed on to the wall themselves, but instead are being supported by a wall bracket. Twisting it a little should allow the smoke detector to loosen up and eventually, you will be able to take it off the ceiling.

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    Off Switch

    In order to turn the smoke detector off, you will need to locate the off switch now. Most smoke detectors may not have this function in order for them to continuously stay on, but when there is a need to change batteries or do any sort of repair and if you are able to locate an off switch, than do the necessary.

    If there is no off switch, the alternative to turn off a smoke detector is to take out its batteries.

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