How to Break a Combination Lock Quickly

Although combination locks provide all required security to your precious belongings such as jewellery or money, they are also difficult to break if you lose the combination or cannot remember at a particular time. However, there are some alternatives to break the combination locks quickly to access your belongings, while ensuring protection of the stuff in the process of breaking the lock. It is possible that some of your belongings are damaged while breaking the combination locks but taking certain steps can avoid it.


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    Put Up Clamp

    The first step is to putting up the metal clamp on the lock, as without it you can start processing of breaking the lock, which comprises the process of determining your combinations keys.

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    Turn Combination Clockwise

    You should turn the combination portion of the lock clockwise, and keep doing so until you hear a click sound. This is where you leave the combination portion. Do not move a number before or after the click sound, and then turn the dial towards the right direction, only two more numerical places. This is the first number of your three combination keys or numbers.

  • 3

    Turn Dial Left

    While holding the metal clamp upward, you should turn the dial portion towards the left until it stops. This is your second number of the three combination numbers. Remember the numbers identified so far carefully. You can also write them down in case you forget them.

  • 4

    Opening of Lock

    Turn the dial portion towards right again, without leaving the clamp down. Keep turning the dial to right until the lock opens. The number at which the lock opens or the dial stops is the number of your combination.

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    Other Methods

    You can also use some of conventional techniques to break open the lock. Use bolt cutters to cut through the metal part of the lock. You can do this easily and without much damage to the lock of the safe or the material stored in it.

    You can also use hammer to break the lock. Bang the hammer and aim on top of the curved portion of the lock and exert as much pressure as you can, and if you do so it will release the lock in a matter of time. The basic of the technique is to put the pressure right on the top of the curved portion of the lock.

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