How to Make Milk Thistle Extract At Home

Milk thistle is a medicinal plant commonly cultivated for use in medicines. The above ground part that includes stems and leaves is used in salads, soups and even eaten raw. The seeds are crushed to extract a milk like sap that is used as a coffee substitute and also mixed with other solvents to drink for medicinal purposes. Thistle extract is known to be effective in the treatment of liver problems like cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis and liver toxins. It has antioxidants that regenerate liver functions and strengthen it. It has been used for centuries and is also available as a commercial product. However, it is cheaper and safer to make the extract yourself because one can be sure of the contents and also customize it according to your taste.

Things Required:

– 3/4 cup milk thistle seeds
– Blender
– Pint sized canning jar (with lid and ring)
– 2 cups 100 proof alcohol
– 2 cups water
– Sieve or mesh strainer
– Small containers


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    Blend seeds:

    Pour the thistle seeds into your blender. Blend the seeds till they make a paste. You can also use a grinder for the purpose. Empty the contents of the blender into a canning jar. Make sure that the jar has already been sterilized. You can sterilize it by boiling them in a pot for around ten minutes so that all the germs are removed.

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    Add alcohol and water:

    To the jar with the blended seeds, add a cup of alcohol and 1 cup of water. Make sure that the alcohol you use should be 100 proof. Stir with a clean spoon so that the ingredients mix together.

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    Once you stir in the ingredients well, place the lid on the jar and also secure it strongly. Now choose a place around the house which is both cool and dark.

    Let the seed mixture stay in the place for 4-5 weeks. Keep shaking the jar regularly daily so that seeds mix in and the flavour is enhanced. Prepare another mixture of one cup alcohol and one cup water in another jar. Use this reserve to fill up the first jar whenever the solution level it inside it falls. Make sure the seeds are never exposed and remain in the  solution.

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    After the prescribed time is over, pour the mixture into a sieve and drain the liquid into a jar. The liquid that passes through the sieve is your extract. Store it in  sealed containers and use accordingly.

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