How to Meditate with Crystal Stones

Meditation can be used for mental, physical, spiritual and emotional strength. If you can learn to meditate efficiently, you can relax the body and relieve tension, which can help lower your blood pressure and slows the heart rate. Life in the current world has become so hectic that we need some kind of an activity to get rid of stress and bring some serenity to our senses. There are many different types of meditation as it has been practiced in many regions of the world for centuries. One of the most effective ways is to meditate with crystals and stones, which helps obtaining a deep meditative state.

Things required:

– Smoky quartz crystal
– Citrine crystal
– Rose quartz
– Amethyst crystal
– Clear quartz crystal
– Meditation mat


  • 1

    Lie straight

    In order to meditate properly with crystals and stones, you need to lie down with your face up on a floor, bed or any flat surface. You may use a meditation mat to lie on.

  • 2

    Smoky quartz and citrine crystal

    Placing a smoky quartz crystal on the lower part of the abdomen can help you sense the physical realities by grounding your experience. You can relax and purify your body by placing a citrine crystal at the navel. It is important to visualise the smoky brown grounding energy entering your body through the smoky quartz.

  • 3

    Rose quartz

    If you want your negative emotions to leave your heart, then place a rose quartz in that area of your body. This will also energise all of the positive emoti0ns that are inside you.

  • 4

    Still the mind

    You can still your mind by placing an amethyst crystal on the brow. This would help you stop the inflow of worldly thoughts in your mind. Stopping all such thoughts is extremely crucial if you want to make the best use of meditation.

  • 5

    Crown chakra

    If you want to stimulate the crown chakra, place a clear quartz crystal on your head. This will help centre you and feel relaxed.

  • 6

    Close your eyes

    Once you have put all the crystals in the required positions, you need to close your eyes and imagine that the energy radiated out of the crystals is entering your body. You should also visualize that the energy is flowing into your aura and chakras. Take a deep breath and try to relax as much as possible. Let the crystals stimulate the emotions that are inside your body.

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