How to Choose Between Frame Materials

Frames are used in many things like pictures, eyeglasses, motor bike and bicycles, but when it comes to choosing what frame material is good, most people are left scratching their head and they do not know how to distinguish good quality from poor quality.

There are several materials being used in frames. For instance, eyeglasses are created by using plastic, steel and other materials. It depends on the user how he/she uses the products. Because when it comes to reliability, steel is considered to be the best. However, plastic also appears to have gained popularity due to its weight (usually light) and look.


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    Understand different frame materials and their quality

    You know that all frame materials are not created equal, so it is unwise to treat these materials the same. Try to learn about how different frame materials are created and what process they go through during production.

    Learning about materials will make a good judge of products and you can use your options according to quality, strength, look, reliability, weight (light, heavy), durability, and risks associated with them.

    A wrong concept among people is that every frame material offers extraordinary strength when it comes to products like motor bike, and heavy equipment.

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    Get a brief overview of manufacturing process

    You do not have to be an expert or a manufacturer to know the production process of frame materials. A bit of research and reading can give you a good idea of which frames are worth spending money on and which are of low quality.

    For instance, in eye glasses, steel, which was once used as the only available material for frames, is now being replaced more and more by plastic. Plastic is regarded as more popular than steel as people like to wear light eye glasses. Plus plastic is not as dangerous to human skin as steel is.

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    Weight is one of the most important factors that people keep in mind when choosing frame materials. It was weight that made steel (for eye glasses) less preferred among people than plastic. Since weight is hard to carry and it often causes injury to human skin, frames with light weight are given more importance.

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    Reliability and durability

    Reliability and durability often cause people to make their decision. Frames that are good to look at, but are not durable, fail to attract buyers and users. Stainless steel is considered to be one of the most durable materials used in frames. Moreover, titanium is also a good option when it comes to resisting rust.

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