How to Buy a Walking Stick

Some people are forced to use a walking stick due to old age whereas others use it for hiking across treacherous terrain. Irrespective of the reason for which you might be planning to purchase a walking stick, you would need to keep a few things in consideration. You will need to take into account things like the type of wood from which a walking stick is made as well as the size of it.

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    Determine the correct size of walking stick by taking into consideration factors such as your height, activity for which you plan to use the stick and the terrain which you will be traversing most using the stick. If your height is six feet, buying a five feet long walking stick would never be a wise choice.

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    If budget is not an issue, consider ordering a custom made walking stick. However, if that is not possible, you can choose an already made walking stick. Be sure to thoroughly test the comfort and size of a stick before placing the order.

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    Visit a local craft store to test out a few walking sticks. Alternatively, you can go online in order to get a feel of how a particular walking stick brand looks as well as the cost of a particular walking stick.

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    Come up with a few walking sticks and then choose one that best suits your needs by talking to the store representative for advice. It would be a good idea to actually test all the possible options.

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    Finally, make the necessary payment or place an order if you are planning on getting a customised walking stick. Before you accept the order, make sure that you are getting the same product for which you paid. If you are not satisfied in some way, return the order instead of accepting it and make another visit to the store where you had placed your order.

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