How to Build a Dipole Antenna

Dipole antenna is the simplest type of antenna which consists of two poles. It is very easy to grasp from academic point of view and is one of the most popular antennas in use.


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    The most important step in the making of the dipole antenna is the designing phase. Decide the role of the antenna first before moving forward to the designing phase. Identify whether you wish to connect it to catch radio signals for a small radio set or want to use it for the reception of the TV signals. Install required software on your computer system and start working on the project right away.

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    Size, power, and even the angle of dipoles depend on the intended use of antenna. Design the antenna in computer software and perform rigorous simulations on the frequencies you wish to use your antenna on.

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    After getting favourable results move to the implementation phase. Spread the poles of the antenna at the angle of 180 so as to form a straight line. Connect the co axial cable with either ends of the antenna and feed it to the operation amplifier. Use 12 volts or 5 volts DC in the amplification process, depending on the choice of IC for Op-Amp.

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    There should be a minimum of 10 mm difference between the poles or it will cause the signals to mix up. The length of the pole is also an important factor in the design of antenna. Ideally, pole length should be about 1 / 4 of the wavelength of the radio waves. Wavelength of a wave can be found by inverting the frequency of the radio waves.

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    The condition for the length of pole is not strict and choosing a length different than 1/ 4th of the frequency does not result in much difference in the reception of waves. Co-axial cable chosen should be of highest quality, particularly if the antenna is far away from Television.

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    The next step is the erection  of the antenna. You can use various techniques to build that. Every kit comes with its own set of instructions, and all you have to do is to connect the pieces. The kit selection should be done on the basis of the per-requisites that have already been defined in the earlier steps.

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    After connecting all the components turn on the television and adjust the position of the antenna to get maximum reception.

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