How to Make a Bead Lizard Key Chain

You can use beads creatively to create key chains, zipper pulls, ornaments or any other thing as per your requirements. Bead Lizard key chain looks really nice. Although, you can get it from any store in the market but if you want to make it with the beads of your favourite colours, you can take help from the given steps.

Things Required:

– Beads – any size will work – pony beads are best for smaller hands
– Wire ring (optional)
– Toothpick (for wire work only)
– Small bead for tail end
– 26 gauge coloured wire / yarn or string – about 1 yard


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    First of all, you have to gather all the material which is necessary to make the bead lizard key chain. It is totally up to you to decide which things you would like. If you are a child, you may want different beads with bright colours. On the other hand, if you are grown up, you may like beads with dark colours.

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    After getting all the materials of your choice, you have to make the mead of the lizard. Take a thread and pass it from all the beads after keeping them on each other in the shape of an equilateral triangle. It is extremely important for you to tighten the thread firmly so that it may not move anywhere. Make sure that all the beads are in their respective places before tightening the thread. In addition, you must use a good quality thread.

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    Now, you have to make the legs of the lizard. You can simply align the beads in two straight lines and pass the thread from them. Keep the beads in place before tightening the thread. Keep two beads at the end of each leg in order to make the feet of the lizard.

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    Then, make the body of the lizard. You have to place the beads in a sphere so as to make the body. After that, insert the thread in the beads while keeping them in their respective places and tighten it.

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    In the end, you have to make the tail and the back legs of the lizard. You can place a moulded piece of plastic in the beads to tie them in curvy shape. You can make the tail by placing the beads in a straight line. Then, pass the thread from the tail and tie it. Attach all the parts with the each other.

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