How to Make a Lamp from Scratch

With proper equipment, anyone with some expertise in household tools can make a lamp from scratch. Lamp making kits can be purchased online at reasonable prices or from home design, discount and craft stores. These kits have all the tools required for making a small, decent household lamp.

Things Required:

– 3-4 Wire – Hangers
– Pliers
– Wire Cutter
– Gorilla Glue (you can also use a glue gun, super glue etc.)
– 9 ”x 24”Canvas (or any other strong material)
– Scissors
– Sewing Kit
– Beads
– Wire
– Ruler
– Fire Retardant Spray
– Lamp making kit
– Light bulb
– Vase for the stand (or a bottle)


  • 1

    Use Vernier caliper to measure the radius of the threaded rod, the rod is included in the lamp kit. Lock on to the choice of the decorating vase you want to use as the base of your lamp. Identify its centre point and mark it underneath the vase with a marker.

  • 2

    Choose a bit about half the size of the threaded rod, and drill the marked point slowly with the help of the drill machine. Choose the right type of drill bit, if the vase is made of glass, use the diamond drill bit. If you choose an incorrect drill bit, it may cause damage to the vase.

  • 3

    The bit size is about half the desired hole width, so you will have to make the hole of the exact size manually. After finishing the hole insert the threaded rod inside the vase from bottom such that about 4 inches of the rod remains below the vase surface. Place the wooden lamp base on top of the 4 inch rod such that the top of the base is pressed tightly against the bottom surface of vase. Use wrench to tighten the nut to secure the base to the rod.

  • 4

    Place a hex nut on top of the threaded rod and rotate it all the way down to the bottom of the rod. Tighten it to satisfaction but do not tighten it too much as it may break the glass vase. Identify the threaded neck piece in the lamp kit and fit it on the threaded rod, and rotate it all the way down.

  • 5

    Fix the lamp hard on top of the threaded neck and tighten them both with the help of the nut. Attach the light socket on top of the harp and insert the power cord from inside the threaded rod to the bottom of the vase. Congratulations on making your own lamp.

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