How to Make Homemade Humidifier

It is very essential for all of us to keep up apposite humidity inside our houses throughout the year. The high temperature during summer and the various heating system during winter can cause the humidity in the internal air to drop down to drastic level. As a result it can give birth to many heath issues like, skin dryness, common cold, and sinus problem etc. electric room humidifiers are available in the market, but keeping them on all the time can increase your electricity bill. Therefore, it is better to consider the simple and cost-effective ways to make your own homemade humidifiers.


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    Sponge Humidifier

    It is probably the most undemanding way to maintain proper humidity. However, you have to make separate sponge humidifier for each part of your house as it covers small places. Follow the steps to make your own sponge humidifier:

    Grab a large plastic food bag or freezer plastic bag and make medium holes all over it, using a hole-puncher. 20 to 25 holes are sufficient, keeping equal space in between.

    Pick a large sponge and soak into a bowl of tape water until it absorbs enough water.

    Remove the sponge from water and wring it to remove excess water and to just keep it lightly moist.

    Now put this wet sponge inside the plastic and place in the desired area of your house to enjoy humidity.

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    Hot Shower Works

    It is another super simple method to sustain proper humidity in the rooms adjoining to bathrooms of your house. Given below are the easy steps involved in it:

    Turn on the hot shower of the bathroom and close it door completely.

    Proceed towards the door and windows of the room and close them as well.

    Now wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then open the door of the bathroom in order to allow the vapors clouds to enter your room and increase its humidity.

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    Boiling Water Humidifier

    Boiling water also helps in maintaining appropriate moisture in the air of your house. Follow the given below instruction to enjoy boiling water humidifier:

    Pour some tap water into a large steel pot and place its lid at the top.

    Now set it on stove and bring to full boil with medium-high heat range.

    Put on thick gloves, remove the pot from heat and take it to the specific room or area of your house where you wish to boost the humidity level. Place it on smooth surface and remove its lid. Now the boiling water’s vapors will evaporate into the air and increase its moisture level.

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