How to Spot Fake Cuban Cigars

The legendary Cuban cigar is the ultimate smoke, which is loved by cigar smokers all around the world. Legally importing Cuban cigars to the United States of America is nearly impossible (owing to the strained diplomatic relations between the two countries), and what makes it even more difficult is their premium price. This is the reason why you will often find fake Cuban cigars in the market, and it is extremely hard to differentiate between an original and a fake Cuban cigar. If you love smoking cigars, you must be able to spot a fake Cuban cigar; otherwise, tobacco sellers will continue to make a fool out of you.


  • 1

    Look for the stamp

    By flipping the box over, you should look for a heat-stamped label reading ‘Habanos s.a. HECHO EN CUBA Totalmente a mano’ at the base of the box. The forgers stamp this on the back of the pack with ink most of the time. At times, they do not even stamp it at all.

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    Look for a green seal

    You should look out for a green seal on the box, which may vary from lime to forest green. The seal should be located on the lower corner of the box.

  • 3

    Inhale deeply

    Having opened the box, you should inhale deeply. If you do not get a pleasing and rich aroma, there should naturally be doubts about the originality of the Cuban cigars.

  • 4

    Look for a precision cut strip

    If you do not find a precision cut strip of wax paper running across the cigar bands, you should doubt the originality because a Habanos warranty is printed on parchment and a loose flap of paper covers the cigars.

  • 5

    Touch the length of the cigar

    A genuine Habano rolled by an expert will have a uniform feel once you touch the cigar along its length. You should question your tobacco seller if there are hard or soft spots along the length of the cigar.

  • 6

    Inspect a cigar

    You should take a cigar out of the box and inspect it thoroughly. A genuine Cuban cigar possesses a rich, dark brown color when you look at the end. The wrappers or the outside leaves are characterised by uniformity of color, and the texture is not chalky or dry. Original Habanos do not have green tobacco and have a small, twig-like stem, which is evident at the end.

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