How to Tune Electric Guitar Without Amp

Electric guitar is useless without an amplifier. If one is using an electric guitar without an amp, it is better for him/her to use an acoustic guitar. However, if you do not have the amplifier or you cannot plug in the amplifier while tuning the electric guitar, it becomes an increasingly difficult task. Nonetheless, one can still tune the guitar perfectly if they keep some simple guidelines in their mind.


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    With the Help of Electric Tuner:

    There are several electric tuners available in the market through which one can easily tune the guitar. The only thing you need to do is to plug in the guitar with the tuner. Tuning a guitar is done from the lowest string. However, it is not necessary to always tune from the lowest string, as one can always bend the rules. Start playing an open note. Let it ring until the sound is registered on the electric tuner.

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    Make the necessary adjustments. However, make sure that you do not adjust during the note is ringing. It is recommended that one lets the note to ring completely before adjusting its pitch. Repeat the process until the note is perfectly tuned before moving on to the next note. Tune all the strings by repeating the same process.

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    Ear Tuning:

    Ear tuning is the most difficult method to tune up your guitar. Even the best guitar players around the globe find it hard to tune the guitar by using their ears only. However, if you have very good ears, and you can differentiate between notes comfortably and perfectly, then you can very easily tune up the guitar without using the electric tuner.

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    Start from a single note, and take it as a reference, as in ear tuning, each string is tuned according to the previous one. If you are going to do standard tuning, then it is recommended that you tune the fifth string to the ‘A’ note that is produced by playing the sixth string from the fifth fret. In addition, in ear tuning, you cannot tune up the guitar on open notes. If the note you have played sounds exactly the same as of the reference note, it means that your sixth string has been tuned up. Now repeat the process on the other strings as well until all the strings have been tuned up. Make necessary adjustments to the pitch, and play all the notes yet again to make sure that every string is tuned up perfectly.

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