How to Control Belt Sander Speed

Belt sander is widely used by the people to break woods into small pieces. This is considered one of the most efficient ways to cut the wood into equal pieces. Not to mention, it also helps in giving an elegant finishing to the pieces of woods and one can easily change the shape of wood as and when required. Depending upon their size, the belt sanders can be handheld or fixed in a particular place. These usually consist of an electric motor and are mainly used for enhancing the appearance of wood.


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    Know about the features of your belt sander

    Belt sanders come in different sizes with different features. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you should read or at least go through the user manual carefully. Most people behave indifferently between companies before making the purchase decision and repent later on. You should review the product carefully before buying it. It is also strongly advised that you must know about the main features of the product before purchasing it. Some belt sanders do not allow their customers to adjust the speed as they are manufactured to run at the same speed while some advance belt sanders offer its customers the opportunity to operate at difference speeds.

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    Change the speed through speed adjustment panel

    After you have gained knowledge about the belt sander you possess, you must take steps to adjust the speed. Belt sanders with high speed are often hard to handle by most people and thus they are of little use to them. If your belt sander has a seat adjustment panel on its body, then you task is considerably simpler. For this, all you have to do is check the current speed of the belt sander and figure out at which speed you want to operate it. Adjusting the speed does not necessarily mean that you will need to slow it down but if you want to complete your work speedily, you must enhance the speed of belt sander. For this, you must move the speed adjustment dial to high or low speed according to your preferences.

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    Take help of the sandpaper

    Nevertheless, if your belt sander operates at a fixed speed, then you must consider using sand paper of a higher grit as it will slow down the speed of your belt sander. Note that, a sand paper with higher grit will help you reducing the speed of belt sander.

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