How to Choose a Pocket Knife

If you have ever been stranded in the middle of nowhere and left with only a pocket knife for survival, you will understand the importance of having the best quality knife with all the options. This is why choosing the right pocket knife is extremely important.

Pocket knives come in three different types: jack, pen and multi-purpose. A jack knife has a relatively longer blade as compared to the two or three smaller blades of a pen knife. A multi-purpose knife has numerous folding blades and accessories. Therefore, you must think hard and choose a pocket knife that will best serve your purpose.


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    Determine the type of knife

    It is important that you understand the benefits of all three knives and decide which satisfies your needs. The pen knife comes in pretty handy in your routine work while the jack is considered more useful and accurate if you are about to cut something heavy. Some people often keep a jack knife for the purpose of self defence. However, if you are planning to go out for hiking or camping, you might prefer keeping a multi-purpose knife, as it has the mixed features of both a pen and jack knife.

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    Search for quality manufacturers

    After you have identified the type of knife you need, you must start your search for quality manufacturers. You do not want to spend money on a low quality product that will stop working after a while. Always purchase a pocket knife that is made by a top quality manufacturer that has a good reputation.

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    Prefer high steel grades and a knife with blade lock

    You should purchase a pocket knife from a manufacturer who uses high steel grades. Remember that if you purchase a better product, you will be able to make use of it for a long time. You must buy a pocket knife that has blade locks in them otherwise you might end up hurting yourself.

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    Choose what fits in your hand

    You should also choose a pocket knife that fits well in your hand. It is necessary that you should feel comfortable when handling it.

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