How to Build a Hurricane Survival Kit

Going through a massive hurricane can be a frightening experience. Most of the time the wind and rain knock trees and power lines out, rendering entire cities without electricity. The best thing is to be prepared in advance by building a hurricane survival kit which you can use in case of an emergency. Building a hurricane survival kit is not difficult as you will have to follow some easy guidelines to help you get started.

Things Required:

– Waterproof container
– Water
– Flashlights and batteries
– First aid kit
– Dehydrated or Freeze dried food
– Supplies


  • 1

    Understand your needs:

    Be sure that before you build a hurricane survival kit that you understand your needs in terms of the total number of people in your family. This will have a significant impact on the size and scope of your hurricane survival kit as you will have to buy multiples of the same items for your kit.

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    Buy large plastic waterproof container:

    Go to your nearest home improvement store and you will find a wide selection of plastic waterproof containers. Buy one that is sturdy and has the proper handles or wheels. Make sure that the container is large enough to hold all of your hurricane survival items.

  • 3

    First aid kit:

    The most important item for your hurricane survival kit is to get a complete first aid kit. This should include all the necessary items that are required in case of a serious medical emergency. You can find very good first aid kits at your local sporting goods stores which are basically designed for hikers and other outdoor activities.

  • 4

    Pack water:

    Be sure that you pack enough fresh drinking water in your hurricane survival kit. You will have to calculate the amount of drinking water in accordance to the number of people in your family. It is a good idea to have at least 4 to 5 days worth of water in your hurricane survival kit.

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    Pack flashlights and batteries:

    During a hurricane the electricity often goes down for a few days and the best thing to do is pack 3 or 4 high powered flashlights with extra batteries in your hurricane survival kit.

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    Pack food:

    There are many different types of emergency food supplies that you can buy which are either dehydrated or freeze dried. These types of food have a long shelf life and are easy to prepare in case of an emergency.

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    Pack supplies:

    You will also have to pack supplies like blankets, clothes and other necessary items to survive in case of a massive hurricane. It is a good idea to pack these items in plastic bags to ensure that they stay dry in case of any flooding.

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