How to Alternate Pick for Guitar

Finding it hard to alternate pick a guitar string? It helps you shred. It helps you strum. And it also helps you become a better guitar player. Learn how to alternate pick a guitar string. It seems difficult, but it is not. You just have to know how you have to hold the pick, and how you have to handle the guitar. If you are just starting to learn the guitar, you should not start off by learning this alternate picking as it is not your cup of tea, for now. Just start off by learning the simple strumming patterns and it’ll help you get through.


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    In case you have opted to learn this trick and you want to know how to alternate pick a guitar, you have to exercise your wrist a bit. Make sure that you can play a guitar with a straight wrist so that it doesn’t become difficult for you to alternate pick a string.

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    Start off by the third string. It will help you learn this trick quickest. And make sure that your wrist is aligned with the third string and it is as straight as it can get. Keep it stiff and make sure it isn’t resting. Twist your right wrist towards the floor and remember to keep it straight. Now strum the string down and pluck it upwards. Do it once and then keep doing it as fast as you can.

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    Now you have to master this technique. Therefore, practice. However, do not only practice by pulling the string down and plucking it upwards. Try to do it in a motion that will make one string vibrate only. You have to make sure that you do not forget using your other hand which is on the fret board. Play only on the fret that you are playing from the picking hand.

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    Now you have to improve the speed of your alternate picking. Increase the speed, and the motion on your picking hand. It will be hard at the start. You might even end up picking other strings. However, you will learn soon to pick one string only. Remember that even if your speed is improving, your speed to pick the string should always be even. It is very much necessary or the guitar will make noise and sound ridiculous. Also, try to mute all the other strings through your palm. It is called palm muting.

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