How to Be a Boomer Shooter

Boomer shooter is the term that is given and awarded to football players who can hit the ball with such venom that it booms past the goalkeepers. In such a case the goalkeepers stand absolutely no chance of saving the all from entering the back of the net as the ball will just fizz past them at a pace about which they really cannot do much. The game has seen some real boomer shooters over the years and it is an aspect of the game that many players wish to develop.


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    Many footballers want to master this art of striking the ball with great force and through the ages the game has seen a lot of boomer shooters. Most of these renowned names can be recalled and amongst these, the name of Sir Bobby Charlton stands high above all others. Sir Bobby Charlton was a Manchester United and England legend through the 60’s. Bobby Charlton played his trade for both club and country at the top level for many years and the most significant thing was that he was a survivor of the sad Manchester United plane crash in Munich in 1958. Charlton amazingly kept playing his trade for both the club and the country and remained on the top of the game throughout the years. If someone wants to become a real boomer shooter, then the example f Bobby Charlton stands right in front of him.

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    A boomer shooter is a person who can strike the ball with real force with not only one foot but with both of his feet. This is a technique that required a lot of practice and one has to do it in order to become a master of the game.

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    The most important step in learning of the art is to get to a training ground with a supply of footballs. Once you are there, you have to start practicing shooting with the balls in the net. Make sure that you keep the balls on the ground and the ball just be hit with some real force rather than a feeble attempt that cannot even reach the goal posts. Before starting the drill, you must make sure that you have done the necessary warm up because boomer shooting is a drill that really tests the muscles of you to the real extent and if one has not done the ample warm-up, then he may suffer from cramps or fatigue because of the drill.

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