How To Amend a Tax Return

You can amend your tax return, which you have already filed. There has to be a reason for that. For example, change in your circumstances as variation in number of dependents, income status, credits or any other related issue. However, if you have made a mistake in your tax return form, or forgot to disclose some other documents along with form, you do not need to seek to amend your tax return. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is likely to accept the form with those mistakes.

This is how it works in the United States of American, you can check with the income and revenue service in your country to know under what circumstances you can change tax return when you have already filed it, and also how can you change it. Each country’s revenue services department have different respective standards and processes, so you should be aware how it works in yours, before filing for change in the tax return. A standard procedure is nevertheless is more or less same in all countries, and the basic requirements that you should know at the time you seek to amend tax return.


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    Obtain Amended Form

    You can start with writing to IRS asking for individual Tax Return form. In case of the US it is 1040X form. You can also make a phone call to the IRS to post you the form.

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    Determine Period of Tax Return

    Again in the US, you can file an amended Tax Return form within two years of your tax payment. Or if you have received a refund on your paid tax, you can amend the previous tax return within three years. You can check with the time limitation with income tax department in your country but a standard procedure is almost same in all countries.

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    Fill out Amended Tax Return Form

    Fill out carefully the amended tax return form or 1040X form, which you have received from IRS. Follow details from schedules and forms i.e. W-2s you have received during the period you are applying for tax return.

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    Attached Copies of Schedules/Forms

    Along with the filled out amended tax return form you will also need to send all the forms and schedules you have received during past two or three years. Before doing that make copies of all forms and keep them for your record.

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    Follow Instructions Carefully

    While filling out form follow all instructions carefully and filled out amended tax form, accordingly. Also give genuine reason for seeking to amend tax return because without a realistic reason you cannot amend the tax return you have already filed.

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    Post Application with all Documents

    After you have filled out form and attached all the required documents, you should post it the IRS postal address, and then wait for the processing of it. Sometimes you might be asked for additional forms, which you may have missed in first instance so make sure to provide all information.

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    Pay Due Tax

    While seeking to amend tax return, you should pay all taxes that are due on you. Payment of tax is essential to determine return and if you delay the payment you can expect delays on the amended tax return filing.

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