How to Apply an Artino Shoulder Rest

In order to prevent the instrument from slipping off the shoulders, almost every violin player uses something. There are some musicians who separate the instrument from the shoulder to avoid stress; whereas, there are many who use a rag or a cosmetic sponge to make a base for the violin.

Artino is a brand of Otto Musica Company. There are two major types of these shoulder rests, one is made of metal and the other of rosewood. Both of these types are used by beginners or amateurs but rosewood construction is preferred by the more professional musicians. If you plan to purchase one and use it, you need to keep a few simple things in mind.


  • 1

    Attach parts of the shoulder rest

    If the rest came unattached, you need to put together all the parts before you can use it. You do not need to screw them fully at this moment however. In order to estimate the fitting, place the rest up against the violin’s back. You can loosen the screws to adjust the length of the Artino, if it appears to be short. You can now screw the rest tightly at the desired place.

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    Examine the size

    Check the shoulder rest properly, making sure that one end is thick and the other is thin. You can look at the back of the instrument by placing it in a guitar position first and then moving it away from your body. You will see that the top of the violin’s back will be covered by a metal bracket, which can be used for resting your chin.

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    Place the thicker end of Artino on the rim of the violin

    The thicker end of the rest should be positioned on the rim of the violin, to the left of the metal bracket. The feet of the thinner end of the Artino should be glided to the opposite rim of the violin. The Artino should now rest in a position that it is stretched from right to left along the back of the violin.

  • 4

    Adjust it in the playing position

    You may now position the thicker end of the rest towards the middle of the violin, if you feel that it needs to be tightened. Examine the size once again by placing the violin in a playing position. You may adjust it again if you do not feel comfortable.

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