How to Apply Bronzer to Pale Skin

Bronzers work differently for various skin tone, but it plays a major role in highlighting or enhancing your cheekbones, which is considered as the beauty of a face. Women with dark skin tones think that use of bronzer is not an ideal choice for them, but this is entirely false they can take hug sum of benefits from this makeup item, because it can make their cheekbones beautifully prominent. On the other side when women with lighter skin tones put on bronzers it give a sun tanning effect. The proper method of bronzer application should be known to ladies or else they will mess up their extravagant look.


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    Before applying bronzer, make sure your skin has been cleansed or exfoliated properly, because it might not result perfectly if there are dead cells available on your skin.

    Daily exfoliation is necessary for women who possess pale skin or any other sort of skin type.

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    After cleansing, take a look at your brush case, do you have a proper brush which is basically used for the application of bronzers? For bronzer brushes a dome shaped brush is preferred which is made up of fine fiber. The same brush is used for the application of blush on or contouring as well.

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    Select the appropriate shade of bronzer according to your skin tone. Women with warm skin tones should prefer brown and beige shades, which also includes shimmer in it, while for lighter skin tones the ideal hues are pink and beige.

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    Take your brush and put a moderate amount of bronzer on it, then start applying it on your cheek bones. The direction of the brush should go upwards, do not cover any other area besides cheekbones.

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    After smooth strokes check in the light weather the application is correct or there is something wrong with it. If you feel that there is an excess amount of colour on your cheekbones, you can use a puff or a pad and remove the excess amount softly.

    There is a specific technique for every makeup item you just need knowledge about it or else you will never acquire an ideal look.

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