How To Make Hair Dye from Walnut Shells

It is not necessary that your hair become grey only due to increasing age but many people suffer from grey or even white hair at a very small age. No matter what ever cause is it, you feel the need of a hair dye to cover up your grey hair. You can find numerous hair dyeing colours in the market and their price range varies from brand to brand. However, the hair dyes made up of natural ingredients are particularly high, as many people prefer to use natural herbs and ingredients to treat their white hair. Chemical-filled hair dyes might last longer on your hair but they might not be suitable for all of us to use. You can make your own hair dye from walnut shells at home and can effectively use it without fear of any side effect to your hair or head scalp. This homemade dye will give dark brown colour to your grey hair and will last for considerable time period. Above all, it is extremely cheap!


  • 1

    Add eight cups of distilled or purified water in a sauce pan and boil it.

  • 2

    Add one ounce each of dried sage, dried rosemary and dried nettle to the hot water. Then add two ounce of black walnut shells to the mixture of herbs.

  • 3

    Take two regular tea bags, open them up and add their contents to the hot water mixture. Tightly close out the sauce pan and let the contents steep for at least three hours. Be careful not to over-cook the contents and don’t exceed to four hours.

  • 4

    Once the mixture is fully steeped, strain it through a thin piece of cloth or net.

  • 5

    Add two table spoons of jojoba oil into the hot contents and mix it well. Put the contents in a jar and store in the refrigerator.

  • 6

    Shampoo your hair properly, rinse and then dry them up with a towel. Shake the bottle of the hair dye you made and apply half cup of it directly onto your hair. Massage it into your head scalp for a minute and then squeeze out the excess dye remaining in your hair. Make sure to wear gloves because hair dye can stain your hands easily. Rinse your hair when it fully dries up.

  • 7

    Mix one quarter of walnut hair dye with the same amount of shampoo and use it regularly to maintain your hair colour.

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