How To Make Champagne Facial Masks

Every individual desires to look beautiful and have a spotless face. We spend lots of bucks on beauty treatments and cosmetics every day to rejuvenate our skin and make it look fresh and more glowing. Different facial masks and treatments are available in the beauty stores for this purpose but those brands are not in the reach of all of us. Moreover, many of us prefer using natural ingredients instead of chemicals and other synthetic ingredients in the beauty products available in the markets. It is true that only natural ingredients give long lasting effects in preserving and protecting your natural beauty. You can make so many different facial masks at home, according to your preferences and needs. One of such mask include champagne facial mask, which gives your skin a soothing and relaxing effect. The coolness of champagne, mixed with other natural ingredients can provide amazing effects to your skin and you will surely feel difference after using this facial mask.


-1/4 cup Champagne

– Heavy Cream

– Green Clay


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    Natural clay has been used for skin cleansing purposes for thousands of years and it shall be the basic ingredient of your facial mask. Clay extracts excess oils and toxins from your skin and cleans it deeply for a glowing look.

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    Measure four tablespoons of powdered clay into a glass bowl.Add heavy cream into the glass bowl and mix up the dry clay to make a thick, lumpy paste. The acids within the cream help softening and lightening your skin, while the fats in it avoid your skin to get dry from due to the layer of clay on your face.

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    Add champagne and keep stirring the mixture until you get a creamy and soft paste. Champagne helps in making your skin soft and glowing.

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    Once you have made a thick, soft paste in the bowl, apply the champagne facial mask immediately on your face, as it dries up very quickly. Apply the mask on your entire face, leaving your eyes, nostrils and mouth. Apply a uniform layer of champagne facial mask onto your neck and upper chest area, and even the back of your hands. Make sure you have prepared this much amount of the mask in the bowl.

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    Sit back and relax. Let the mask dry and it will take at least 20 minutes to do so. Take a soft piece of cloth soaked in warm water and clean up your face when the mask dries. Rinse with warm water afterwards and see the difference in the mirror!

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