How To Make a Rose Petal Bubble Bath

Roses have long been captivating people with their luxurious scent, their tempting and bright colours and the abundant petals. There are several varieties of a rose, which are used for different purposes, most commonly in the shape of decoration.

However, one of the most luxurious way of using the rose petals is to add them to your bath tub for a refreshing and soothing bath.

There are many benefits of taking the rose petal bubble bath. It will freshen up your skin, extremely soothing and relax your muscles.

Almost every spa in the world provides the services of rose petal bubble bath, but one can easily avoid the astronomical amount charged by the spa for this service by making their own rose petal bubble bath at home without confronting much fuss.

Preparation Time: Around 45 minutes.

Things Required:

18 to 24 oz bottle of bubble bath
1 clean jug of milk
10 to 15 drops of rose essential oil
4 drops of ylang, slang, essential oil.
6 drops of jasmine oil
1/2 cup of fresh rose petals
Cutting board and knife.
Red food colouring


  • 1

    Gather rose petals that are grown organically. A chemically grown up rose can harm your naked skin during the bath, which is why an organically produced rose is preferred.

  • 2

    Add the bubble bath mixture into the clean jug of milk. Add the petals of rose, ylang slang, vanilla and jasmine oils in the bubble bath mixture. Put the lid over the face of the jug, and shake it well until all the ingredients are gelled together properly.

  • 3

    Now place all your gathered petals of roses on the cutting board, and cut them into halves with a knife. Add the petals into your bubble bath mixture, and shake it gently.

  • 4

    Your Rose Petal Bubble Bath mixture is ready. Close the drainage hole of your bath tub, and run water into it. Pour the mixture into the running water, and stir it properly with the help of your hand. Make bubbles by agitating the water with your hands.  Add more petals in the bath tub, just to ensure that all the petals of roses are used properly. Get into the bath tub gently, and relax for at least 30 minutes inside the tub.

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