How To Make a Sugar Scrub that Rivals The Body Shop

Sugar scrubs make for great exfoliators, and effectively remove dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. While Body Shop sugar scrubs are generally all the rage, you have to shell out plenty of money if you want to invest in a small bottle, and far from being a pampering experience, it becomes a pain.

However, there is no need to pay exorbitant amounts of money in order to spoil yourself. Contrary to what many might believe, a sugar scrub can be whipped up easily at home, using a few common ingredients, and this homemade version is just as effective as the kind you can purchase from stores.

Things Required:

– 1/4 cup demerara cane sugar (coarse sugar)
– 1/4 cup white sugar (fine sugar)
– 3 Tbsp. liquid oil (olive oil, aloe vera oil, etc.)
– 1/4 tsp. fragrance oil (optional)
– 4 oz. sterile container
– Mixing spoon


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    Firstly, start off by mixing the two types of sugar together in a bowl, until they are well combined.

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    Next, gradually start introducing the oil in to the sugar, stirring it in slowly. The consistency should be akin to a slushy, but you can add more or less liquid, as per your preferences. Use the spoon to combine the sugar and oil, and make sure you go easy with the oil at first – you can always add more if you feel it is too dry.

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    Once the sugar and oil have been incorporated into a loose, sloppy paste, add in your preferred fragrance. You can go for flowery scents like lavender or jasmine, fruity ones like apple or melon, or warm spices like cinnamon – basically, anything you like. Mix it in well.

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    Pour this mixture into your sterile container, and screw on the lid. Do not make too much, as the mixture contains no preservatives, and is thus prone to bacteria, and make sure you keep the lid screwed on tight when it is not in use.

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    The scrub is now ready, and can be used in the shower for your legs and arms, or on the hands and feet prior to a manicure and pedicure. However, do not apply it more than once or twice a week (as this can lead to skin irritation), and if you happen to use it in the shower, clean the area after usage as the oils from the scrub can make the floor dangerously slippery.

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