How To Make Chocolate Bubble Bath

Chocolate, a raw or processed food created from the seeds of Theobroma Cocoa tree, has remained one of the most fancied food products in the world for a quite some time now. It has several uses and has been produced in different varieties.

There is nothing as gratifying as savouring a piece of chocolate, and is one of the most precious pleasures in many people’s life. However, it is not only used for drinking, eating, chewing or hoarding.

Chocolate is also used for a bath, and a person who loves this production from the seeds of Theobroma Cocoa tree will definitely adore taking a nice warm chocolate bubble bath.

Apart from satisfaction of smelling the aroma, chocolate bath also has several benefits. It is extremely relaxing, helps to calm out all the muscles, and the bath also helps softening and moisturising your skin.

According to recent studies, chocolate bath helps one to rejuvenate the skin cells that have been tormented due to your daily stressful routine. In addition, this bath also helps the skin’s healing process that reduces down with the passage of time.

Utensils: Saucepan, cup, blender, bath tub.


3 oz. of dark chocolate
1/3 cup of unsweetened soya milk
1 cup of unscented bubble bath


  • 1

    Take a saucepan, and heat the unsweetened soya milk over medium heat until it becomes hot. However, the milk must not reach the boiling point.

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    Chop the dark chocolate into fairly even pieces, and add the chopped chocolate into the hot soya milk. Stir it together until the pieces of chocolate melts.

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    Set the soya milk chocolate mixture aside to cool down, and then add the unscented bubble bath in it. Add as much bubble bath as you would pour while having a normal bubble bath.

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    Now, run water into the bath tub, and add the mixture into the running water. Mix them together by using your hand vigorously to create fluffy, feathery, luxurious chocolate bubbles. Get into the bath tub gently, and lay back to enjoy a lovely and relaxing chocolate bubble bath.

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