How to Apply Climara Patch

Climara patch is an estrogen patch which is used on the skin and is useful in times of menopause and vaginal bleeding. You have to wear the patch for a week on an area below the belly button and above the buttocks. The process of applying the patch is simple. You need to cleanse the area where you want to apply the patch and apply it carefully to the respective area. When the patch is there for seven days, remove it and replace it with a new one. Make sure that you apply the new patch in a different area.


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    First of all, select an area of the skin you need to apply the Climara patch to. Carefully read the instructions on the patient leaflet before you use the patch to get all the information you need. The patch should be applied to any area below the belly button and above the buttocks.

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    You need to thoroughly clean the area of the skin where you wish to apply the patch. Use a cleanser or soap and wash it with water. Also dry the area completely before applying the patch.

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    Apply the patch to the area already cleansed and remove the plastic cover off the back of the patch. Carefully press the patch to make sure it holds nicely onto the skin. Remove your hand only when you are sure that the patch sticks with the area of the skin.

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    You need to remove the patch after exactly one week. Carefully remove it from your skin and fold it in two halves so that two sides stick together. Discard the patch in a dust bin so that it is kept away from children.

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    Once you have removed the patch, you can apply a new one. Repeat the same process of cleansing the skin with soap but make sure you apply the new patch to a different area of the skin this time.

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