How To Apply Eyelid Primer

A pair of stunningly done up eyes can lift a person’s entire look, but that depends on your make-up lasting throughout the entire day. More often than not, eye shadow is the most difficult to maintain, and ends up getting smudged or creased, giving you a blurred, hazy look which is far from attractive.

In order to create and maintain a fabulous long-lasting look, the use of an eyelid primer is essential. This works to mattify the area around the eyes, smoothes out the skin, and evens out the colour – this prepares the eyelid for an addition layer of makeup, and subsequently, your eye shadow is easier to apply, does not collect in the eyelid creases, and has significantly improved longevity.

While primer is a sure-fire way to keep your eye shadow smooth and vibrant for as long as you want, it is essential to apply the correct type with the correct method, in order to ensure full effectiveness.


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    Firstly, ensure that you purchase a neutral eyelid primer which suits your particular skin type and tone. Get experienced friends, or the shop assistant at the makeup counter, to help you pick out the right one, in accordance with your needs. E.g. if you have dry skin, you need to buy an eyelid primer which suits your skin type. However, the rules can be changed around – e.g. dark-skinned girls looking to intensify the colour of their eye makeup should get a light-coloured eyelid primer, in order to make their eye shadow pop.

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    Make sure that you wash and clean your face thoroughly before the application of any makeup. Use especially gentle cleansing milk or eye makeup removers around your eyes, both before and after application, in order to ensure that no residue remains.

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    The primer can be applied using a cosmetic sponge, or you can do it directly with your hands. If you are using a sponge, ensure that you utilise a new one for each application, and if you prefer to use your hands, make sure they are clean, or you might be looking at an infection.

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    Start applying the primer with a gentle hand, starting at the inner corner of your eyes, and working your way outwards. Take your time, and make sure you blend it into your skin, giving it a smooth, even look. Apply it all over your eyelid, all the way up to your eyebrow. Once this is done, repeat on the other eye. Your eyelids are now primed, and ready for the eye shadow.

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