How to Arch Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow arching is one of the most common techniques used by women to beautify their facial appearance. Eyebrow arching is achieved either by waxing which is usually given in salons, or by tweezing which is easier and may be done at home by oneself. If somebody opts for the ‘tweezing method’ to arch her eyebrows then she would need a mirror, a tweezer and a ruler. One should also discuss one’s desired shape with a friend or a beautician to avoid any regret that may arise after the arching is done. If you have a plan to arch your own eyebrows then you may go through the below mentioned guideline.

Things required:

– Mirror
– Tweezers
– Ruler


  • 1

    Firstly, figure out the inner edge (fringe) of your brow. You can achieve this by holding a scale or ruler against the left side of your nose. Now, with the help of a mirror note or dot the exact point where the ruler crosses the left brow. The inner edge of the brow should not go beyond the point where the ruler cuts across the brow.  Now take out the hair between this crossing-point and the inner edge (fringe) of the other brow with a tweezer.

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    Next, find out the arch point of your brow by placing the ruler on the left side of your nose and angle it so that it passes over the outside of your left pupil. Note the point where the ruler intersects with the brow. This point will actually become the highest point of the  curve. Now create a brow line with your tweezers that slowly shrinks from the inner edge of your brow towards this point.

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    Now, find out the outer edge of your brow by placing the ruler against the left side of your nose and slowly angling it across the outer corner of your left eye. The point at which the ruler crosses the brow is exactly the point where it should end. Now take your tweezer to extract any hair that are grown beyond this very point. Now form a tapered line that goes down from the top of the brow arch to the outer edge of the brow to complete the arch shape. You may use a tweezer for this purpose. Now use a cloth or towel to wipe off any loose brow hair.

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    Next, redo the same procedure for the other eye and you will successfully manage to arch your eyebrows.

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