How to Apply Bright Popping Eyeshadow

Applying the Bright Popping Eyeshadow can bring totally a new style to your eyes. They bring a new life to your eyes. You can use bright colours in different ways. Depending on your taste and preference, you can use bright colours subtly or boldly. Many women give a bold look to their eyes, while remaining neutral in applying blush and lipsticks. It is advised that whenever you plan to apply Bright Popping Eyeshadow, you should go for the same strategy with the other parts of your face. Applying Bright Popping Eyeshadow is not a difficult thing to do. In the meantime, practice and interest will play a key role in going through the whole process flawlessly.


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    Create a base on the eye lid by using eye-shadow primer, which will allow you to avoid any creases to form during the makeup application. Moreover, the eye-shadow primer will enhance the overall look of the makeup.

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    Take a medium eye-shadow brush and use it to apply a soft layer eye-shadow colour over your eyelid. Make sure you cover all the area, from the lash line to eyebrow, in order to get a bolder look. If you want an intense look, apply another layer of the eye shadow until you have your desired effect. If you want a more subtle look, just apply it only to the crease of your eye.

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    Take an eyeliner brush and use it to line the top and the bottom of your lash lines. Make sure you use the same bright eye shadow that you used previously. After you apply the shadow on the lower lashes, you can smudge the line using a brush or even you can do that with your finger. If you want to have a bolder look, take liquid black eyeliner and use it on both the upper and lower side of the lashes.

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    Now you can give curls to your eyelashes by using an eyelash curler. If you want to increase the effect, you can use heated eyelash curler, which will exaggerate the overall curls on your lashes. Make sure you curl the lashes right from the base, to the end.

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    Now use good quality mascara on the eyelashes. It is advised that you use two to three coats of mascara. When you apply a bold eye shadow, it is essential that you create a dark effect on the lashes, so that they should not be invincible against the shadow applied.

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