How to Cure Dry Eyes from Contact Lenses

Dry eyes can cause a lot of irritation. They are caused by the deficiency in eye lubrication through natural tears. Dry eyes can result in burning, irritation and grittiness which can cause great discomfort. Along with other reasons like chemical exposure and heredity, contact lenses have been known to encourage dry eyes. The lens surface interferes with the eye’s ability to produce tears and keep the eye wet.  The chemicals in the lens storage or cleaning can also lead to dry eyes. The lens also absorbs water from your eyes when it gets dehydrated. Dry eyes can easily be cured through a number of solutions.


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    Re-wetting drops are available in optics and drug stores. These drops help restore the moisture in your eyes. They make wearing contact lenses more comfortable. Try to choose a drop solution with no preservatives so that the impact of chemicals can be reduced.

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    Dry eyes can also be a result of excessive usage of lenses. Give your eyes a break. Take off the lenses and place them in their lens solution. This will provide relief to your eyes and also hydrate the lens. Dehydrated lenses absorb the water from your tear film. Put on the lenses back after a while when you feel comfortable.

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    Proper care and cleaning of lenses is essential for avoiding eye problems. If you are using disposable lenses, do not wear them longer than the prescribed time. Eyes are a sensitive part of the body, effected by the smallest of foreign particles. Clean your lenses daily and at least weekly with consultation of your eye specialist. This will prevent any deposit build up on them which can irritate the eye and cause it to go dry. Do not continue any lens which has been damaged as it can cause great havoc inside your eyes.

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    There are lens brands which design products to provide more moisture to the eyes. Choose your lens from such brands if you are prone to dry eyes. If you have constant problem of dry eyes, you can benefit from a medical prescription from an eye specialist. Tear and anti-inflammatory drops are helpful in curing dry eyes. Remove your lens and use the drops. Replace the lens after a while.  An eye specialist can help you use eye drops specific to the cause of your dry eyes.

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