How to Store Xalatan Eye Drops

Xalatan eye drops are generically known as latanoprost. Xalatan eye drops are applied topically to a patient’s eye and are commonly used for curing glaucoma and ocular hypertension. This medication prevents the risk of vision loss by reducing ocular pressure.

If you were prescribed Xalatan eye drops by your doctor, it is imperative that you follow the doctor’s instructions because failing to do so can cause problems. Make sure that you consult you doctor immediately if you experience any side effects after using Xalatan eye drops. Here are a few precautionary measures to store Xalatan eye drops.


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    If you have not opened the bottle of Xalatan eye drops as yet, the best place to store it is the refrigerator.

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    Places with excessive moisture, heat or light are not at all recommended for storing Xalatan eye drops. This means that you should not store this medication in your kitchen where there is lots of heat or in your bathroom where there is lots of moisture. Also, do not store the eye drops in places which are subject to direct sunlight.

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    Remember that eye drops can be poisonous if ingested. So just like any other medication, store the Xalatan eye drops out of reach of your children and remember to seal the lid tightly after using the eye drops. Call your local poison control center immediately if you so much as suspect that your child may have ingested the drops.

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    Prevent the dropper from being contaminated by not allowing it to touch a surface. This means that you should not even let the dropper touch your eyelid or eye while using the drops. A contaminated eye dropper may become the cause of an infection.

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    If your bottle of Xalatan eye drops has been open for a period of six weeks or more, under no circumstances you should administer eye drops from that bottle. Instead, you should call your doctor and ask for a new prescription.

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