How to Wear Purple Eyeliner

Purple colour is something which is not very common when it comes to using with an eyeliner. Many women avoid this colour because of the risks involved, such as ending up looking like a rodeo clown. So, if you are among the same group of women, then you do not need to worry anymore, as this article will help you in knowing how you can wear purple eyeliner properly.

Things Required:

– Purple eyeliner
– Dark eye shadow (preferably black or gray)
– Eyelash curler
– Lengthening mascara
– Eyeliner eraser / corrector


  • 1

    First of all, you need to apply shadow in dark shade. Here, you should make sure that the shade for the shadow should not be similar to that of hue for the purple eyeliner. Using a light sweeping of black shade can do the trick for you here.

    You can also consider using dark emerald green colour, as this will blend perfectly with your eyeliner. When applying purple eyeliner for any daytime event or party, you should keep the shadow below the crease.

  • 2

    Carefully line the top and bottom of each lid with the purple eyeliner, being careful not to smudge the shade into your eye shadow.

    Make any necessary corrections with your eye liner corrector, but be careful, they can't work miracles.

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    You will now have to use eye lash curler in order to give curls to your eye lashes. The upper lashes should always end above a bright eye liner shade to hide any imperfections and downplay the bright hue.

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    Fill in any gaps in your eye lashes with a coat of lengthening mascara. Remember not to omit any step, which has been described above. A vibrant eye liner shade with otherwise naked eyes looks garish.

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