How to Read the Human Eye Color Chart

Do not be surprised if you do not know that human eye colour chart exists that you can decode and read. This chart helps you to recognise your clothing colour, which might look different on you, and completely different on the person in front of you. It is interesting to know how you can read the human eye chart. You will need to follow some simple steps to read and understand colour chart of your eyes. This is something that varies from person to person, meaning every person has a different colour chart.


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    Knowing Predominant Shade

    If you look in the mirror, you can recognise what predominant coloyr your eyes have. There can be many shades, but you will know that one colour sticks out. Your eye chart colour can have different variations, but you can know about a single colour that dominates all others.

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    The website uses two charts. One in the rainbow circle and other realistic one. You can visit the website to read about the chart and how it works. The portal has some interesting information that might even surprise you.

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    Selecting Picture

    Use first chart to select a picture that closely matches your eyes. There are many variations, but try to find which is the nearest to your eye colour. Try to read that chart, and you will be finding how to read your eye colour chart, and get some interesting information for the first time. You can also read any other variations to have information about the human eye chart, but sticking to your ones can help you understand your eyes better.

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    Using Number

    You can pick one number below the chart and then use it in the wheel to your colour in the chart. You can use it as an indication to select colour of your clothing and other stuff, which will go the best with your personality. There is no exact formula about choosing a right number, just pick one number from the chart that will reflect in the chart.

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    Changing Colour

    It is possible that you can change your eye colour by using lenses, but your natural eye colour will appear the same. Also, your natural eye colour will be more beautiful than any other artificial colour. So better stick to your natural eye colour instead of changing it, even if you do not like in the first reading.

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