How to Diagnose Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic dry eyes can be caused with the decrease in the quantity of tears in the eyes. The decreased production of tears in your eyes causes dryness in your eyes and is the reason for irritation and redness in the eyes. This medical condition can be treated so make sure you visit your doctor in time before the pain worsens. There may be a lot of itching but do not scratch your eyes as that would only increase the pain. Eye drops is one of the best treatments for this condition but they have to be used after proper consultation.


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    There are a host of symptoms you experience which may lead you to believe that you have a chronic dry eye problem. The most known problems include burning of the eyes. There is a feeling when you would want to scratch your eyes repeatedly. Scratching may also cause pain so do not touch your eyes during this problem.

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    There may also be other reasons for the dry eye. You feel repeated irritation on your eyes. This can be caused by smoke or any contact lenses you are wearing. This can also cause problems in your vision so make sure you get your eyes checked whenever you feel the slight pain.

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    You may be allergic to any medicines you are taking. This can be due to a reaction from an antibiotic or from some birth control pills you are taking. Stop taking the medicines immediately and consult your doctor before you start taking them again.

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    There are eye drops that help in diagnosing the chronic dry eye. There are specific kinds of eye drops that serve the purpose and can be bought from any drug store. But you have to get your eyes checked before you apply eye drops to your eyes so visit a doctor.

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    If the pain remains, visit an ophthalmologist to get the proper treatment for your eyes. You must get a proper professional treatment for before it gets too late.

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