Top 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes

Bright and healthy eyes are a big blessing. Try imagining a day without all the colours and vividness and you will realize the importance of maintaining a good sight. Good eyesight is crucial for enjoying life at its fullest. Therefore, it is very necessary that you take care of your eyes. What are you doing to protect your eyes? With our busy routines dominated with computer screens and pollution, our eyes remain neglected until the day when the outlines become blurry and we are forced to take remedial action. Let us not go that far and get to know the top ten ways to take care of our eyes. Read on our step by step guide.


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    Computer Screen:

    We do agree that electronic screens are unavoidable because of your work depends on them. Excessive exposure to computer screens can lead to eye problems like eyestrain, dry eyes and blurred vision. To prevent this, make sure that the screen is 5-10 inches below your eye level. This will ensure a healthy blink rate.

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    Keep Eyes Clean:

    The pollution in the air can lead to accumulation of dirt in the eyes. Use cotton dipped in cold milk to clean your eyes. Eye cleaning solutions are also available at drug stores.

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    Avoid Rubbing Eyes:

    Rubbing your eyes can damage the sensitive skin and lead to dryness. Whenever you draw your hand to rub your hands, stop and remember this. If it itches, splash some cold water on your face.

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    Treat your Eyes:

    Place cucumber slices on your eyes and lie down for a while. The cucumber will nourish the eyes and replenish their moisture content. They will also get rid of dark circles.

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    Wear Protective Glasses:

    The UV rays of sunlight can prove harmful for eyes. Make a point of wearing your sunglasses whenever you set out into a bright day to protect your eyes.

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    Eye Exercises:

    Look out for different eye exercises like focusing them on far objects and then on near objects to increase their sharpness. Relax the eye muscles by rolling your eyes from top to bottom and right to left.

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    Avoid Working in the Dark:

    Do not indulge in any activity like reading when the lighting is dim. Dim lighting constraints on your eyes when they try hard to read something.

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    Contact Lenses:

    Avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 19 hours consecutively. Take them during sleep. Keep them moist in their solution and also keep them clean of any contaminant.

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    After a sight intensive activity like working on working, give your eyes a break. Close them for a while, wash them with water before your continue. Do not stare at the same electronic interface for long without looking away.

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  • 10

    Eye Gears:

    Eye gears are useful in protecting your eyes, especially while playing sports. Use eye gear patches to avoid any accidents to your eyes. Eye gears are also useful in rough and dusty environments.

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