How to Apply Eye Gel Properly

Eye gel is a solution to wrinkles, blackness, puffiness and sensitivities around the eyes, but to get effective result out of gel application it is necessary that gel is applied properly. Simply applied gel may not be enough to get the desired effect, and also there is a possibility that a thick layer of gel is stuck under or around your eye, which gives a bad look.

Taking out a right quantity of gel and properly applying it so it absorbs in the skin to give desire effect is necessary. It is possible that you may not know how to apply the medicated gel properly. In that case you can seek an advice of your friend or get help in the actual gel application.

Also, if you are applying the gel for any non-medicated use, make sure it is done in an effective way, and if you have even slightest doubt that you are not getting the desired results, get the gel applied from someone else properly. Getting gel applied from someone else for a couple of times at least can help you learn how to apply gel yourself, and next time you can do it by yourself.


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    Clean Skin Around Your Eye

    Before applying gel, it is necessary that your skin under the eye should be cleaned. If you have applied make-up, remove it. You can use any light cleanser and wipe the area with a soft damp cotton. You should clean the area around your eye even if you have not used make-up, because it is possible that the skin might be a bit oily so by cleaning it will get clean and dry, and the gel can give the intended result.

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    Take Out Right Quantity

    Be careful how much gel you take. Don't take too much or too little. Although there is no recommended quantity, generally gel up to a size of a pea should be enough around the area under your eye.

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    Use Right Hand Index Finger For Application

    Generally index finger of your right hand is used to apply the gel. Do not take the entire amount of gel on the tip of the index finger and apply, but rather take small amount and make little dots at a smaller distance on the entire area. You can also rub small amount at a distance to each other, instead of making dots, before rubbing it thoroughly.

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    Massage Gel

    After making the dots, take rest of the gel on the tip of your index finger and massage gently on the area. Do not rub too harshly but massage the place with soft touch. Continue the process for a while, or until the gel is absorbed in the skin. Use mirror to rub the gel at the exact place you want.

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