How to Define Eyebrows with Makeup

Every girl wants to look attractive and uses makeup to improve their appearance. The right makeup can do wonders because it can hide flaws on your face and emphasise your best features for a more appealing look.

Eye makeup and well groomed eyebrows can complement the overall beauty of a woman’s face. Many women do not realise that they can properly define their eyebrows through the use of makeup.

If you want your eyebrows to look beautiful and well defined, it can easily be done with the help of some clever application of makeup. Don’t worry as you do not necessarily have to go to the salon for this purpose because you can get the desired shape to your eyebrows with the help of certain tools at home.

Things Required:

– Tweezers
– Manicure scissors
– Eye shadow
– Eyebrow pencil
– Eye liner


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    Remember that you want to apply your makeup in such a way that it helps define your eyebrows. You can start to get the correct shape to your eyebrows with the help of a pencil or eye shadow. The goal is to apply the makeup in such a way that it looks subtle and highlights the contours of your face. You do not want your eyebrows to be defined as being too thick or extremely thin.

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    You should start correcting your eyebrows with the help of tweezers. First, take a scissor and cut down excessive hair especially at the ending line of the eyebrows. Then use the tweezers to gently shape up your eyebrows.

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    After you get the desired shape to your eyebrows, determine the contour of your eyes. If you have small eyes, apply an eyebrow pencil to enhance the eyebrows. This will help you to draw attention to the top part of your face.

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    Now you need to pay attention to the colour of your eyes. Highlight your eyebrows with the help of some eye shadow. For brown eyes, you can use brown, peach, bright blue and purple shadows. For blue eyes, experts advise to use silver, gray-blue, purple or a bronze tone.

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