How to Choose Appropriate Eye Protection

Vision – one of the most important organs in human body without which we can hardly survive. Good vision is a prerequisite of healthy and happy life.

Every day, waking up in the morning, we do not think about how precious a gift we possess. Our vision is a unique mechanism to contemplate the world, enjoy the riot of colours but we do not think about what can be done to take care of them and keep them healthy until we find out some problem.

Regular eye exams can help detect early signs of various diseases or to prevent their development. For example, eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and functional disorders of eye muscles, leading to the appearance of strabismus.


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    The very first step on the road to health will be regular eye examination by an ophthalmologist. Inspection procedure is painless and takes less time. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, doctors examine and provide recommendations according to the state of the eyes. Ophthalmologist not only determines the quality of your vision but also assess the overall health of the body.

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    Every time you leave the house without wearing sunglasses, you are risking the health of your eyes. UV rays damage the retina, which can lead to cataracts. To protect your eyes from the unbearably bright sunlight, wear sunglasses with UV filter. Too strong light are also harmful to your eyes especially the so-called blue spectrum, which contributes to the process of photo-oxidation, resulting in the formation of free radicals. They cause damage to the optic apparatus, including the retina and lens.

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    During work, you should regularly take breaks to let your eyes relax: distracted from the book and the monitor.

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    Products containing vitamins C and E, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids have the property to reduce the risk of diseases.

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    Blinking is also a good exercise to protect your eyes from stress. This simple exercise naturally cleans and moistens the mucous eyes. Usually we blink up to fifteen times per minute, but sitting in front of the computer, we do it three times or less which results in irritation.

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