How To Make Asian Eyes Look Huge

Asian eyes are different it is because of the presence of additional layer of fatty tissue in the lid. That tissue is not found in either African Americans or Caucasians. Another difference is that the fibrous strip of tissue, called tarsus that defines the margins of upper and lower lid, are narrower in the Asians (6-8mm) as compared to African Americans and Caucasians (10-12mm). Mostly, Asians do not have visible eyelid crease. However, research has declared that men like women with larger eyes more. This is leading women in Asia to use contact lenses and makeup techniques to give the illusion of larger eyes to attract more men towards them. Cosmetic surgery is a permanent solution but makeup is also a way to get your desired look.


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    Daily drink at least eight glasses of water and take a good nice sleep of 8-10 hours to stay fresh. It is good for health and also makes your eyes sparkle.

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    Take in healthy diet like plenty of fruits and vegetables to get fresh looking skin and eyes. Vitamins in vegetables and fruits make eyes brighter that are much more attractive than dull eyes. Before makeup, it is important to take care of your diet and water take in quantity to get naturally beautiful skin and eyes.

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    Keep your eyebrows in shape. Eyebrows can make you look 10 times younger or older depending on how you shape them as they are the frames of your face. Keep your eyebrows neat by plucking unwanted hair, don’t go with the harsh shape or colour. This will instantly glammed up your eyes.

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    Apply bright, neutral eye shadows. Little bit shimmery shadows will look good too. This will bring more light to your eyes.

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    The best way to enlarge your eyes is using eyeliner. However, excess of everything is bad, so never over do it. Try making a thin line above the lash line, starting with a thin line towards the inner corner of the lid and going slightly thicker as you go outwards. This will open your peepers up.

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    After eye liner, curl your lashes. Try volumizing or lengthening mascara. Fake lashes can make your eyes look even bigger if you try the right ones according to your eye shape. Avoid over-the-top heavy lashes as they can just weigh down your eyes making them look even smaller than they actually are.

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    White eyeliner is the best way for opening up your eyes. The whites of your eyes can look extended by filling your waterline with white eyeliner. For bringing in light to the eyes, white eyeliner can be used to highlight the inner corners of your eye.

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    Wear coloured contacts. Black is a very popular choice as it makes pupil look much bigger resulting in widening of eye. You can go with other colours to make your eyes extra sparkling.

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