How to Remove Unwanted Eyebrow Hairs

The shape of eye brow is a very important thing like any other beauty related work, because if the eyebrows are shaped properly and the unruly hair are time to time waxed or tamed then you will not get in to a hassle of incomplete look. The over all appearance or makeup is never complete if your eye brows are not made so make sure that you remove them. Though the task is little tough still there are few techniques which can be followed and get rid of the unwanted hair around the original shape of your eye brows.


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    The most common easiest and the cheapest way to get rid of these unwanted hair is by using tweezers. With the help of tweezers you can also pluck out the hairs. The best way to use tweezers, first analyze the shape of your hair and see are your hair less and if yes then one by one pluck each hair out. Make your skin around the eyebrow strong with one hand and then hold the hair strand with the tip of the tweezers, in the opposite direction of the growth of hair pull. Make sure that the quality of tweezers is good. Plucking hair out from a tweezers will hold the growth of hair for at least fourteen days.

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    The second economical way is to use a thread for taming the unruly hair of your eye brows. This technique is considered best, but for this you might need help of another person because you will first twist the thread and use both hands to pluck the hair from the roots. Before you get started with the procedure take a soft make up brush and apply powder on the eye brows. The best way is to visit an expert or a beautician because this is a very tough procedure.

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    Wax is another way out which you can do at home. Though this procedure is simple then the thread procedure still it has few drawbacks. If you use wax you might end up having allergy or irritation and redness. If you are sure that nothing wrong will happen then wax is an ideal procedure for those who have excessive amount of hair. There is a special wax which is used for face. Follow the procedure mentioned on the instructions paper and make sure that the quality of the product is good. Wax is considered ideal because you will get hold of the growth of new hair till forty eight days.

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    With time there have been extraordinary advancements in the field of beauty clinic and among new invention the technique of laser has also been introduced. You will have to visit a reliable dermatologist and the doctor will guide how many visits you will have and get rid of these unwanted hair. The best part is that you will be given a chance to live a life of peace because for a long time there will be no hair growth. Electrolysis is also one of the method and the results of electrolysis are also really good.

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