How to Apply Silver Eye Shadow

Do you think Silver is not for you as it is a strong color for an eye shadow? Think again! As you can definitely make it work by keeping it neither too shimmery, nor too subdued. Silver Eye Shadow does not have to be ostentatious or glittery all the time. There are a few simple tricks to make the silver eye shadow work for you even if you want to have a natural look. In case you change your mind later on and want to have a funky touch, then you have the option to enhance it with a frost or a shimmer.

Are you thinking how to pull off Silver Eye Shadow? Do not waste time then and read the simple steps below to apply Silver Eye Shadow at home:

Things you will need to apply Silver Eye Shadow:
– Eye shadow primer
– Eye shadow base
– Eyeliner
– Eye Pencil
– Eyelashes Curler
– Silver Eye Shadow
– Black Eye Shadow
– Mascara
– Eye Brushes in various sizes
– Blending eye brush
– Foundation Cream – optional
– Lipstick
– Blush on


  • 1

    Apply an eye shadow primer

    Gently apply an eye shadow primer to your eyelids. Blend it in the area from your lash line to brow bone. You can use a makeup sponge or simply your finger for this purpose

    Note: If you do not have an eye shadow primer at home, then you have the option to apply your normal make-up base as well.

  • 2

    Blend an eye shadow base on

    Wait for a few seconds until the primer absorbs into your skin and then blend an eye shadow base on. Apply it in the same way you applied the eye shadow primer.

  • 3

    Put eyeliner on lower eyelids

    Now, hold your lower eyelid and gently put on eyeliner.

    Note: Although you can use colored eyeliner in this step but it is better to use black eyeliner as it goes well with silver eye shadow.

  • 4

    Apply Silver Eyeshadow to your eyelid

    Take an eye brush, dip it in any of your favorite but a fine quality silver eye shadow and apply it to your eyelid.

  • 5

    Apply same eyeshadow along lower lash line

    Take a blending eye brush and sweep the same silver eyeshadow along your lower lash line.

  • 6

    Apply dark eyeshadow to outer crease

    Now, if you want to create smoky silver eye look, then apply a black eyeshadow to your outer crease with silver until you get your desired look.

  • 7

    Use white as a highlight

    Now, apply a very thin layer of white eye highlighter to enhance your silver eye makeup.

  • 8

    Apply eyeliner right above the top lashes

    Grab black eyeliner, hold it firmly, close your eyes and gently apply it right above your top lashes.

    Note: Make sure your eyeliner looks thick, but not too chunky. You can use either an eyeliner pencil or cake.

  • 9

    Apply some mascara

    Apply at least two coats of mascara to your eyelashes in order to make them larger and well defined.

    Note: You can wear artificial eyelashes if you do not have thick eyelashes. Additionally, it is better to curl your eyelashes before the application of mascara.

  • 10

    Add your finishing touches  - optional

    Apply some foundation, blush and lipstick for a great finishing touch. Your Silver Eye Shadow is all set, so go and steal the show!

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