How to Use Technology to Teach the Visually Impaired

With the advent of technology, there have been many improvements in the quality of life. Same has been the case for people with special needs. Visually impaired people can now make use of technology in order to improve learning and have a better lifestyle.

It is important that the proper technology is used and in the right manner. If you are looking to make use of technology in order to help visually impaired people, you can certainly bring technology to use. There are many options that are available to choose from and will vary on needs of the individual person.


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    Understand Needs

    There are people who have different kinds of needs. There are various categories which range from totally blind to partially blind and then partially sighted. They have no sight whatsoever to some ability to see. Each one of these have a different ability and the technology for these should be used accordingly.

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    Audio Materials

    These will be the ones that you will be using the most. You can get books and magazines as well as other materials on audio which will aid the learning process of these youngsters who are visually challenged. These can very easily be acquired from the National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. The visually impaired persons need to be registered with the organisation. Getting registered once is good enough for a lifetime.

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    Computer Work Stations

    You can have computer work stations prepared as per the requirements of the individuals. You will mostly be needing software that can understand voice commands from the individuals using them. They are also able to convert voice into text and can save them in form of documents which adds to the facilitation to these individuals.

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    Screen Magnifiers

    Have these for students who are able to see at least a little bit. They can magnify the images and text so that they can see and read them. This will be a big help for them in the learning process as they will be able not just listen but will also be able to read and see.

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    There are special Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) that an especially designed for the visually impaired. They have camera with them and the person with low vision can enhance the view to their needs. This can be a great learning aid when moving from one place to another and during field trips as well.

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