How to Make Eyelashes Grow Longer & Thicker

Long and thick eyelashes not only protect our eyes from dust and other impurities in the environment but are also considered to be a sign of beauty and sensuousness. If you covet long and thick eyelashes then don’t loose heart and suffer in silence; you can get your dream lashes by adhering to a small set of guidelines. These guidelines revolve around cleansing and beauty care tips and encompass inclusion of healthy and nutritious food in your diet that are essential for lash strengthening and growth. So, kick start your journey to beauty and attractiveness by making your eyelashes grow thicker and longer.


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    Using Natural Ingredients

    - In order to grow long and strong eyelashes gently massage almond oil to your eyes with your finger tips. Do this before going to bed. You will get positive and long lasting results.

    - You can also apply olive oil to your eyelashes by taking a few drops of olive oil on your finger tips and then gently rubbing to the tips of your eyelashes.

    - Castor oil also yields promising results if applied to the eyelashes. You will notice the positive results in a few days if you use it consistently.

    - Ensure that you are taking adequate amount of vitamin B, C and E. Your diet should also include magnesium, zinc and sulphur.

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    Home remedies

    - Keep your face cleansed and moisturized to avoid unnecessary dryness. You may also use an eye makeup remover to rinse the eyeliner or mascara that didn’t wash away from your face. Also remove the residue of makeup remover that is left on your eyelashes. Always clear your eyes off any eye-makeup before sleeping otherwise you may get itchy eyes or an infection in them.

    - You can also smear petroleum jelly or Vaseline to your lashes using an eyelash brush. Let the Vaseline rest for about 4 minutes before you rinse any surplus amount.

    - Brushing one's eyelashes with a mascara brush is also considered an effective remedy to get healthy and long eyelashes.

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    Using Products at Home

    - Using mascara gives tremendous results especially when you curl up your lashes. Grab a good quality mascara and notice the results.

    - You may obtain a product having Vitamin-E supplements. Consult your beautician and you will get to know the names of various products having vitamin-E supplements.

    - To improve the health and length of your eyelashes, why not get a medical prescription from a doctor? Get a medicated product and use an applicator to apply to the eyelashes. Patients get positive results in the form of long lashes after 16 weeks of such treatments but the lashes would shrink back to their initial state after such treatment is stopped. You may also check the ingredients of these products if you have an allergy against any ingredient.

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