How to Apply Colored Eyeliner

Eye makeup is a magic! So, always try something new to come up with unique eye makeup ideas to highlight your beautiful eyes. While thinking of eye makeup, the eyeliner is one among the makeup tools that hits your mind. It is modern age, so come out of the traditional eyeliners and try something new – something shimmering, multihued, vivid and bright. We are talking about none other than the colored eyeliners. Take advantage of the wide variety available in the market and highlight your eyes dramatically.

Applying Colored Eyeliner unquestionably fun activity and much better than the boring black or brown liners. Colored eyeliners are available in liquid and pencil form. Some of them are water and heat proof as well. So what else you want? Apply Colored Eyeliner and rock your fashion world.


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    Apply Eyeshadow Primer

    First of all use your finger tip, sponge or a brush to apply a fine quality Eyeshadow primer to your entire upper eyelid platforms. Blend it well until unifies with your skin color.

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    Apply Eye Makeup

    Now fill your upper eyelid platform and lower eyelid with your favorite Eyeshadow(s) to wear a perfect eye makeup.

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    Select Your Colored Eyeliner

    Once you apply the eye makeup, it is the time to bring the colored eye liners into show. Select colored eyeliners that complement your eye makeup, dress or the natural color of your eyes. In addition to that, use red, yellow or orange eyeliner for dramatic look and purple, green or pink for sober look. You can use either liquid eye liner or a pencil.

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    Apply Colored Eyeliner

    Place the tip of the brush or pencil on the inner edge (nose’s side) of your upper lash and drag it gently towards the outer edge of lash line, rimming smoothly.  Once you reach the outer corner of your upper eyelid, you can tick it tick it or wing it out for more gorgeous look. Otherwise, keep it simple. However, make sure to get as close to your upper lash line as possible in order to create neat and head-turning look.  For less dramatic look, apply a thin line of colored eyeliner.

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    Wait until Dry

    Once you apply the colored eyeliner in the desired way, give it some time to dry completely. Apply it to the lower lash line in the same manner – if you like. Repeat with the other eye.

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    Your have successfully applied colored eyeliner, use a cotton swab or small face sponge to soften the possible hard lines and enjoy.

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