How to Make Eyelashes Look Longer

Our eye lashes drop down like thick curtains on our eyes. Apart from all the biological benefits, most of us women make good use of eyelash batting wherever required. Eyelash length is usually dependent on genetics. However there are several ways to increase the length of Eyelashes which includes oiling and use of supplements. It takes months for a visible effect. You can make your lashes look longer by clever use of make up and accessories on a short notice. Our step by step guide lists down a number of ways you can employ to make them look longer and add to you charm and attractiveness instantly.


  • 1

    Eye liner:

    Apply your eye liner close to your lash line so that  your lashes appear thicker then they really are at the roots. Extend the liner to the outerr corner of your eyes and your lashes will appear much longer.

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    Curl them up:

    Curling up your lashes gives them an angle that they look longer then usual. Heat up your lash curler using a blow dryer and then use it to curl up your lashes.Hold the curler as close to the base of lashes as possible and squeeze for five seconds.

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    You can make your lashes look sizeably long if you exploit your mascara well. Maskara strenghthens the color of your lashes and makes them appear long. Sometimes it is the light color of the lashes that makes them look short. Use the mascara applicator along the length of your lashes. Move it back and forth 5 6 times. Let the first coat dry and then apply a second one for better effect.

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    Fake Lashes and Extensions:

    These are pricey solutions but once you get the right know how of them you can bring a great difference in your lash length. Fake eye lashes and lash extensions are available in the market with their usge instructions and can serve you well for months.

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