How to Get Rid Of Baggy Eyes And Dark Circles

Looking in the mirror? Horrified? Dark shopping bags under your eyes? Well this is the sad story of a good chunk of people all around the world. Studying hard for the exam in the morning? partying late into the night? too stressed to sleep? You are inviting the devil in yourself. Dark circles love invading people who are exhausted, stressed and sleepless. Once you are a victim, baggy eyes and dark circles give out an exhausting look even when you are mentally and physically refreshed. Lets not terrorize ourselves with them and look at some minor changes in lifestyle and remedies to get rid of them.


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    Know the reasons:

    For most, baggy eyes and dark circles are a gift of tiredness. However, some also suffer them due to skin discoloration allergies, sun exposure and intolerance to Glutton which is found in wheat. All these reasons have different cures and should be treated accordingly. If you do not have an idea about the reason yourself, your dermatologist is the best person to be asked.

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    Get your sleep:

    Gift yourself at least the average sleeping hours. Sleeplessness leads to sensitive eye skin and makes you rub your eyes frequently.Exercise more, exhaust yourself and then lie down without the help of any pills or sedation. Change your lifestyle. Include more 'rest' into the stuffed timetable. Your beauty is worth it.

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    Abstain from drugs and alcohol:

    Drugs, alcohol and smoking dis-balance your mental composure deeply and leave you restless once their own affect has subdued. Cut on these. Replace them with vitamins which are going to assist you in sleeping well.

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    Eat healthy and Drink plenty:

    Yes! Do it for your looks if not the doctor. Increase you intake of vegetables. Hit that mark of more then two liters of water everyday. Vegetables that contain vitamin K are going to help you get over these monstrous eyes in no time.

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    Reduce salt intake:

    Excess salt retains water in places like under the eyes. This gives you baggy eyes. Cut out on that. Too much of salt also gives you those blue veins under the eyes as your blood circulation increases.

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    Cucumber- The Messiah:

    Not just good in salads, Cucumber is a favorite among people trying desperately to get rid of dark circles. Cut the cucumber into thick slices. Lie down and place one slice over each eye. The slice should cover the dark area. Do this daily and you will surely see the improvement.

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    Potato- discovering new uses:

    Short of cucumbers? Place round potato slices  in water for a while. Take them out and place on your eyes like the cucumber. Keep doing it. Leaves your eyes refreshed.

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    Ice-cube and cold tea bag:

    The tannin in tea bags reduces the 'baggage' under you eyes as it is good for swellings. Refrigerate overnight and then place them on your eyes to feel and look better.

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    Wear Shades:

    Shielding your eyes from the sun will keep your melanin level constant and prevent you from any skin color changes. Choose shades that compliment your face cut.

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    Eye Cream containing vitamin K:

    Too lazy for all the homely tips? grab a good quality eye cream from the market and make sure it includes a lot of Vitamin K. Keep this near your bedside and use regularly for long lasting results. Vitamin K is known to reduce swelling and cure discoloration.

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    Use an eye concealer if you're in hurry:

    If you are short on time for all these time taking methods as all of the above methods will take time to show effect, use a concealer. Of course you cannot use concealer all the time, but using it under your eyes to hide the abnormal coloring in a party is not a bad idea.

    Chose a concealer that is of the the same shade as your skin tone and then drab it over with a translucent face powder.

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