5 Ways to Give Your Eyes a Smokey Look

The smokey eye makeup is quite famous in the Middle Eastern countries. In order to give yourself this look, you need to learn how to apply the smokey eye makeup. There are certain ways how you can give yourself this look. Either you can opt for the typical Middle Eastern look or go for something classic such as purple or pink. Just make sure that you have all the equipment, tools and cosmetics which are important for you to give yourself this look.


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    Arabic Smokey Eyes

    Arabic women tend to carry this particular look all the time. If you are inspired from the way they get their smokey eyes, you should definitely try this particular type of makeup. You will require a lot of makeup tools in order to pull this look off. Make sure you get the right brand and the right shades so you end up with the right kind of colours around your eyes. This will make your eyes pop out and look bigger than usual.

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    Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

    Probably the best way to get ready for a party where you are going to wear a purple dress. This look will make you look different for sure. Your eyes will pop out and look bigger for sure. This is how you can easily enhance your personality; however, you will have to blend in the right colours to get the exact shade which you want.

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    Pink Smokey Eyes Makeup

    Valentine’s Day or a black dress party, pink smokey eyes makeup is definitely the thing you should opt for. All the ladies simply love to pull this look off. You can easily match your eye makeup with the dress you are wearing, or go for a contrast between pink and black. If you have someone in your life to make an impact on, pink smokey eyes makeup is what you should opt for.

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    Smokey Eyeshadow

    Eyeshadows are used to highlight your eyes by applying makeup on the eyelids and the skin around it. You will most definitely need to apply eyeshadow in order to give your eyes an overall smokey look.

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    Eyeshadow Primer for Smokey Eye Makeup

    This is used prior to applying eye makeup. If you want to give yourself the perfect smokey look then you should know how to apply the eyeshadow primer for the smokey eye makeup.

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